The humble microwave is an essential household appliance without which every modern home would be incomplete; however, it’s also highly underrated. Add to the list of overlooked items in the house your bed; indeed, an essential piece of furniture that’s hard to select but makes a big difference to your well-being. Before making the splurge, read up on other customers’ feedback, such as those on bedworld reviews; a worthwhile exercise would be to check out the differences between turntables and Flatbed Microwaves before investing in one.

What are the benefits of flatbed microwaves?

You might already know or even be surprised to learn that there are multiple types of microwave ovens. Considering that there are three primary types, solo, conventional and grill microwave ovens, your options are expansive; however, most households only require primary uses such as reheating food or preparing simple dishes. Flatbed microwaves are the everyday hero your home needs; additionally, the benefits of a flatbed model outweigh those of a regular turntable design. Flatbed microwaves cook food more effectively thanks to microwave emissions via a rotating antenna beneath the device, heating from the bottom as opposed to heating from the sides, as with traditional models. If you are looking for a microwave that is easy to clean, then flatbed microwaves win in this department too.

Are flatbed microwaves more expensive?

A good quality microwave is a long-term investment; accordingly, you will want to find the highest quality model with the most suitable features and at the best price. A flatbed microwave will set you back more than its traditional counterpart, the turntable microwave. There are, however, some advantages to purchasing a flatbed model, namely an increase in cooking capacity thanks to its spacious interior, an easier-to-clean design and less risk of damage to moving parts. The cost of flatbed models can be attributed to the newer technology; consider investing in one over sales periods if you would like the upgraded features but feel the pinch of the price increase over a turntable model microwave.

What to look out for when buying flatbed microwaves?

A handful of well-known brands sell flatbed models as part of their range; for example, Panasonic, Breville, Sharp and Bosch. Panasonic currently boasts the largest selection of flatbed model designs at affordable prices, while Bosch offers an advanced range of combination microwave designs. Breville boasts what is considered to be a unique ‘diamond wave design’ that is said to enhance the reflection of microwaves, resulting in food that is cooked faster and more evenly. Sharp offers just one flatbed design which may be regarded as the most affordable whilst also the most straightforward option. When purchasing a flatbed microwave, weigh up your needs; for example, consider the design’s size, power settings and unique features compared to your individual needs. 

How to choose the right microwave

While there are no rules to choosing a suitable microwave, there are a few points to consider which is best for you. The size of your appliance in relation to your kitchen is a significant factor; subsequently, your new microwave oven should fit the space. Wattage should also be considered, and the general rule of thumb is that the higher the appliance’s wattage, the faster and more evenly the cooking will be. Price versus durability is also important; of course, you should purchase a microwave within your budget and equally one of the highest quality possible.  

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