Most married couples have a blissful year when they first get married. After some time, both man and wife would start to annoy each other from their everyday actions. Even simple act of watching television together can end up in a silly argument. She may want to watch the latest drama while you want to watch a golf tournament. Both would be fighting to get control on the remote. There is a better way to overcome such situation. As a man, you can learn to hypnotize your wife through your casual conversation to influence her to share your interest. Some may balk at the idea while others may consider it as a form of effective communication. This article will share with you some proven ways to hypnotize someone.

Play on your wife’s loving nature

Both you and your wife got married for a reason. You are in love and want to share the rest of your life together. Your wife has a natural affection for you and subconsciously she wants to make you happy. You can use hypnosis to use that as a basis to work on. In actual fact, you are helping her to realize her inner desire.

Begin by creating a safe a trusting environment

Hypnosis works in a safe and serene situation. You can start by having a casual conversation with your wife on various topics. Get her to talk about her day with the goal of making her feel good. We know that women like to talk. Have a meaningful conversation with your wife to get her into a desired state of mind.

Using quotation as a form of suggestion

When your wife is in a good mood, she is relaxed and her subconscious mind is more susceptible to suggestion. You can input powerful suggestion into her mind in the form of quote. For example, when you are in the middle of a conversation, you can say “I had lunch with Kenny this afternoon; he told me how he loves to play golf on the weekend”. After that, you should continue talking as usual to avoid her suspicion. The next step is to repeat the same suggestion. After a few times, your wife will start to develop some interest in golf without realizing why. When that happens, both you and your wife can now watch the same golf channel together happily.

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