When someone in your life has experienced a loss of a family, friend, or coworker, what do you give that person? You want to express your deepest sympathies by including your personal touch. Yet, you will find that each store does not have a sympathy gift isle and you are left to your won devices.  Here are a few ideas that you are able to use for sympathy gift baskets or home made sympathy gifts that will touch the heart and ease the soul.

Gift baskets are the farthest idea in someone’s mind when they are considering what to present to the family on behalf of themselves or their business. Gift baskets offer you the ability to add items that are reflective to the deceased personality or interests. Including mementos that reflect their personality and celebrating their life through these items offers the family items to use as keepsakes. Whenever they look at those items, they’ll be able to think about the thought that went into that gift.

Homemade notebooks are another item that does not come to mind when considering the family of the deceased. Take some time and have everyone hand write a letter remembering the deceased. Ensure you advise each person to include a happy memory in their letter. After collecting each of the letters, make copies of the letters and present the family of the deceased, close members only, with a copy of their own with the collection of letters. This item will prove to be a testament of emotions and declaration of remembrance on behalf of all that participate.

Handmade pins with ribbons and a rose are a classic gift to give to all parties attending the funeral or wake. This idea stems from the respect of life which is represented by the rose. I suggest leaving the ribbons clear and having each guest hand write what they miss most about the deceased. At the conclusion of the function, you may have the ribbons collected and present them in a keepsake box with the name of the deceased etched on the top. This shows the family that you have respected and collected each sobering thought from everyone that attended. This represents that this gift is not just from you, it is from all that participated.

Sympathy gifts are given to the family as an offering that shows that the deceased will be remembered and missed. The sentiment and thought into these items offers the family a view of your perception of the deceased and the level of respect given to their memory. When considering a gift for the grieving family please takes this into consideration and do what is best to honor the deceased. Respect to the deceased is the most important factor to take into consideration when selecting the gift. As well as the proper representation of your feelings as it affect yourself and all around you. Present each gift with an open heart. Realize that your gift may offer solace in the time of grief and loss.

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