A jewelry item can be given a bohemian feel by using flat backed stones instead of the regular gemstones and beads. These stones are called cabochons and these days a large number of jewelry designers use in them in their creations. Cabochons are available in many different sizes, colors and styles which make them a versatile choice for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Whether the cabochon is mounted on its own or with other gemstones and beads, they are sure to add a colorful and unique touch to any jewelry design.

With the right tools and cabochon settings, it can be quite easy to create stunning pieces of jewelry items. Since cabochons are versatile stones, they are available in many different styles and for an experienced jewelry designer, it can be quite easy to include them in their creations. However, for a first time jewelry designer, it is essential to stick to the simplest ways of using them in their designs. A pair of earrings is perhaps the simplest design you can choose as a beginner artist and once you have obtained enough experience and expertise you can always move on to the more complicated ones.

Cabochons are not usually used on their own because they require a base to hold them securely. These are referred to as cabochon settings. However, it is essential to know how to use cabochon settings in jewelry making. Basically, you will need cabochons, cabochon settings and super glue in addition to earring hooks, head pins and eyes to make your first pair of earrings. Given below are tips on how to use cabochon settings in jewelry making.

First of all, you will need to gather the right supplies. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the cabochon setting must be the same size as the cabochon stone. If they are bigger or smaller, then the cabochon will not set into it properly. Once you have got the perfect set of cabochon and cabochon settings, you can use super glue to ensure a sturdy connection between the two.

Cabochons have a flat back which makes it easier to glue it to its setting. You must always ensure to use the right glue for this task because there are some brands of glue that do not form a strong bond. Use glue that is clear and stringy instead of cloudy and thick. The idea here is to apply glue to the piece that has a smaller surface. If you have a metal cabochon setting and a glass cabochon, then you can apply glue to the flat side of the cabochon. However, if your cabochon comes with a rim, then apply glue to the rim. A wooden toothpick is one of the best tools to apply glue.

After this, you must leave the cabochon in its setting to allow it to dry. In case your cabochon has an irregular shape, you can use a bowl of rice for the drying process. All you need to do is nestle the cabochons, charms or bezels that you are looking to dry into the bowl of rice. This works great for stud earrings which are not completely flat.

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