Baptism is a very important ceremony with Christians. In this, a child is brought to the Catholic Church and some rituals are carried out. It is believed that after a child is baptized or christened he/she becomes an integral part of the Holy Body of Jesus Christ. The child then becomes a part of the church and is believed to take up the charges that God has sent with him. The ritual also symbolizes the removal of sin and evil from the life of the child and purifies the child as well. The main rituals in baptism include pouring water on the child’s head for purification, daubing some Holy oils and also lighting candles.

Baptism or christening is the first function of the child and so the child is blessed with baptism gifts from the parents as well as from relatives and other family members. In this regard, silver christening gifts are very popular and are a traditional gift item for this occasion. A baptism gift should be such that it should remain with the child till the time he/she grows up and understands the value of it. This is another reason that metallic christening gifts are so popular.

These are few ideas that can work as a baptism gift:

  • Photo frames and photo albums – These can be wonderful baptism gifts. You can gift the photo frames or the photo albums with pictures of this special day. This can be preserved and saved for lifetime. One can go through these memorable pictures at any time of life.
  • Silver baptism cross or a silver baptism medal – Silver christening gifts have not lost their popularity till date. A silver baptism cross or a medal is a perfect baptism gift for the little one. The medal may have something nice engraved on it, may be a picture of Jesus Christ. The cross is the holy symbol, so it is considered auspicious. Silver charm bracelets or a nice silver chain can also be great silver christening gifts for the child.
  • Gold and silver rosaries – Such gifts are mostly gifted by the older members in the family. They prefer to give some traditional gift items to the baby along with blessings on the baptism day. Their gifts are preferably of precious metals as in gold or silver.
  • Bible – This is probably the best and the most unique baptism gift that a child can get on this special day of his/her life. The Bible, the holy book can be with the child life long. He/she is surely going to cherish it as the most precious gift on his/her baptism.
  • Silver cup with engravings – A silver cup is a favorite item among the silver christening gifts. You can have the name of the child engraved on the silver cup and also make some nice ornate designs. This gift is mainly received by the godparent on behalf of the godchild.
  • Prayer cards – This is an unusual baptism gift that you can give the little one. The prayer book will save the child from all evils.

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