Dressing up for a fancy night on the town or a special party makes everyone feel good. But what happens when you have an event to attend but your closet lacks special occasion clothes suitable for the event and that flatter your figure? It’s important that you keep your closet updated with elegant clothes suitable for formal, semi-formal, and casual events. Every outfit doesn’t need to be expensive or overly embellished to be the right outfit for a special occasion. It simply needs to be elegant and fit you well.

Fill Your Closet with Dresses and Skirts

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a dress or skirt. No matter the occasion, you can easily make a dress look casual or formal. Every closet should have the little black dress in both long and short styles. By adding the right accessories or a trendy blazer, it’s easy to take a black dress from a wedding to a party. Add a few dresses in bright colours to your wardrobe and you’ll have a dress for every season.

Some of the easiest special occasion clothes to dress up or down are skirts and blouses. A short embellished skirt mixes well with a silk top and belt for a fancy occasion. If you’re attending a trendy party that’s semi-formal, match the same embellished short skirt with a silk shell and blazer. Long skirts work well with fitted sweaters, giving you plenty of options for winter.

Choosing Casual Special Occasion Clothes

Just because an event happens to be causal doesn’t mean you don’t need a killer outfit. While you can easily wear a dress or a skirt and blouse to a casual event, you should include some tailored pants in your wardrobe. With the right shoes, you can take pants from day to night and feel just as glamorous as when wearing a dress.

Look for pants that fit you well in the waist and don’t drag on the ground around your shoes. If you need to, have the pants tailored to fit you perfectly. It’s the tailoring that can take your pants from everyday wear to special occasion wear. Choose pants in neutral colours if you’ll be pairing them with brightly coloured tops. Embellished pants are great for adding sparkle to your outfit and make them suitable for a nightclub or a wedding.

Accessories and Shoes

No outfit is complete without the right accessories and shoes. To complete your wardrobe, make sure you have a few pairs of shoes that look good with most of your special occasion clothes. It’s fine to have a couple pairs of shoes that only match a couple of outfits, but if you’re trying to have a well-rounded wardrobe, your shoes should look good with most of your clothing.

Choose accessories that complement your outfits. The pricing of accessories runs from affordable to expensive, so it’s easy to experiment with different types of accessories and maintain a budget, too. Jewellery is an obvious accessory, but don’t overlook belts, scarves, hats, and gloves when accessorizing your special occasion clothes. Once you have a well-rounded wardrobe, you’ll be ready for any event.

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