Dangerous Calling is a Faith-based movie by the Daws Brothers. It’s the story of a young pastor and his wife, who relocate to help a struggling Orthodox Church that had recently lost its pastor. The thriller unwinds slowly as their temporary host, who also happens to be a widow in the Church, turns out to be more than just a rich old lady.

She begins trying to weave the new Pastor around her little finger, just as she had his predecessor… but first, his wife has to be permanently out of the way. As you would expect, this proves to be a difficult feat. Meanwhile, the unsolved death of a little girl several years earlier resurfaced during the Pastor’s wife’s trip to the bookstore. What begins as a simple hunt for an interesting read, leads her down an unforgiving path to uncovering a murder… but it doesn’t happen quite that easily.

The mystery around the widow gets a healthy boost from her rather sheepish and creepy adult son, Elijah, who seems to be rather withdrawn and unusually submissive to his mother. She had taken several measures to ensure he stayed single, and was determined to keep it that way as long as she lived. Elijah however had an inner sense of right/wrong, and this little detail proved to be a lifesaver at the climatic conclusion of the movie.

Through a series of thrilling, tense, and quite engaging scenes, Truth finally prevails and this little Church becomes liberated from the stronghold of evil. I sort of expected everyone to live happily ever after, but some main characters did not make it to the closing credits… which was another opportunity to reflect on how real this story is… and the fact that it is happening in some Churches as we speak!

The movie is peppered with humorous “laugh out loud” moments, as well as scenes that will make you reflect on the state of some of our Churches today. I like the way the movie displays the sovereignty of God despite the shortcomings of the Church.

Dangerous Calling received a Family approved rating (12 and up) from the Dove Foundation. I definitely recommend this movie for Adults and older teens who do not mind getting a real view of Church politics at its best.

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