Gold Dog Tags are military chic style accessories that have become popular fashion accessories. It was also introduced and popularized by khaki clothing which offers its customers a variety of camouflage prints and cargo pants. The gold dog tags were often worn and popularized by teens who want to sport a tough image. Soon after the image was sponsored and worn by most celebrities from movies, sports, politics and other popular forms of entertainment. The tags can be engraved with an individual’s personal data, quotes, sayings, motto, name of a love and so much more to create a more personalized look.

Dog tags are usually associated to military personnel it serves as an identification or ID for the soldiers. They bear the wearers first and last names and his or hers SSS and other basic details. These details are stamped or engraved on oval metal pieces and held by metal chain and can worn as necklace. The shape and design of dog tags are standardized for the US Army, its air force and it’s Navy. They were mandated to be worn by soldiers on Dec 20, 1906 with an order no. 204.

The term gold dog tags was monikered from tags that were used for dogs and other pets which was usually worn around pets necks as to identify who their owners are in case they get lost. These tags were stamped in either on silver or gold metals that are either oval or oval in shape. The characters that were stamped in had fixed and limited size because of the machine being used making some of the letters boxy and uneven.

Unlike the official ones that were used by the army or navy the dog tags that were used by citizens and pets are provided in a variety of styles and designs so it can fit the personality of the users. Some materials commonly used these items are plastic and colored metal alloys. Instead of stamping new technologies are used to engrave designs in the dog tags which you can also colour from a variety of selection such as red, orange, pink, violet and many more to holographic silver. To add more style you can engrave it with a frosty white to serve as eye an catch.

The dog tags shapes are no longer limited to ovals it can be formed to a myriad of shapes. For example your dogs gold tags can look like their paws or dog biscuits which can contain certain details about the dog. Teens can customize it to a variety of shapes that can reflect their interest and moods and take the shapes of a skull or anything that comes to mind.

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