You have to love the autumn and winter fashion season. Parties from here on in mean plenty of fabulous frocks and stunning new outfits. So, what’s new for the plus sized woman?

This year’s plus size clothing for women features plenty of understated colours and delicate frills. Silver, taupe, beige and cream are all in – as is a navy not un-reminiscent of the colours Kate Middleton, sorry the Duchess of Cambridge, is often seen sporting. For parties, dresses are two layers of the same coloured fabric, with the outer layer made into light gauze that lets the inner layer shine through. The overall effect is both striking and delicate – a combination of solid colour and ethereal floating pleasing the eye and the wearer alike.

To finish off your party outfit this year, of course, you’re going to need shoes and accessories to go with your new plus size clothing choices. There is no such thing as too many shoes. The more shoes you own, the more potential outfits you can make from the same dress or couple of dresses.

Plus size clothing for women is best accessorised with a party shoe that suits your legs and ankles best. In many cases, wedges and sandals are the ideal answer. You can free up your ankle and add some shape to the lower calf simply by raising the foot on a wedge – and with plenty of floral decoration or party-suitable frills to choose from, there’s a shoe for every occasion you’ll be in over the next three or four months.

No outfit is complete without the right jewellery. The plus sized woman has several choices to make, all based on her overall figure. For example, they can balance out their figure with chunky beads. Beads, a blouse and a tailored jacket make an excellent combination for plus size women.

Plus size clothing for women isn’t only designed for party wear of course. Everyday casual wear has its place on the shelves of the autumn and winter wardrobe as well.

Two in one waterfall tops are in this year – a single top designed to mimic the appearance of two. Usually, the internal top is printed – this season’s prints are floral and spotty – and the external top is designed as a “waterfall” cardigan, which has flowing back and sides dropping attractively well below the waistline. The two in one top is ideal for wearing with trousers or skirts, and makes a smart and attractive outfit for work and smart casual occasions as well.

Versatility is key for the autumn winter wardrobe – so, the more top and bottom combinations you have, the more looks you can achieve. For the really special parties, of course, nothing beats a dress – but for everything else you can definitely get away with a smart combination of skirt or trousers and a tailored top. Look for jackets to complete the ensemble – and don’t forget hats and scarves in winter’s depths!

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