Adding a new dimension to the world of baby gifting are unique practical baby gift baskets. New baby gift baskets have always been a popular gifting item among parents and guests alike because of the wide range of item you can add to a basket. The limits are virtually infinite as to how much you can do with baby gift baskets. You can both design and choose the ingredients yourself or ask a professional to do so for you. You can even go for a manufactured baby gift basket, containing an assortment of gift items that are fun, practical and unique. You can also check out various baby gift stores and online stores for their best selling baby gift baskets, look at the ingredients, and design your own basket around those ingredients. The benefit of not buying these baskets and getting you own supplies are two-way. Firstly, you will not be bound to stick to the items that the manufacturer offers you, and you can easily make additions and subtractions to the gift basket items. Secondly, you can actually save on the cost factor by getting your own supplies and integrating them into new baby gift baskets.

Unique practical baby gift baskets are easy to make, and can be fun as well. There are two routes you can take while designing the baby gift basket. You can either go on to make the basket according to one single theme, or you can design the basket as an assortment in order to add a variety of practically useful items.

For a theme basket, you should strictly follow the theme you have decided for your basket. If you have decided to build your basket around bathing accessories, add everything that you feel might be needed by the parents and the baby alike. From soaps and shampoos of different scents, fragrances and strength levels, to disinfectants and baby oils, there is a large variety of items you can play with while designing the baby bathing basket. For a basket that is centered on edible stuff, such as chocolates and baby cereals and baby foods, be sure to take care of the flavor preferences of the baby and act accordingly. It is advisable to consult the parents in such cases about the flavors and the particular brands of edibles that the baby and the parents prefer. Some edible materials might not be suited to the baby, and refrain yourself from getting those. Add different varieties of baby-edible chocolates, especially if you are designing the gift basket for a girl child.

If you do not want to focus yourself on one particular theme while designing the basket, you can pick the most practical items from the fields of bathing, clothing, platter and décor. In this way, you would have given the baby and the parents a unique practical baby gift basket, without actually spending too much time in figuring out the ingredients. Even if you miss out on a thing or two, it wont matter much in case of an assorted gift basket, and therefore, it is your best bet to be a hit gift-giver.

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