Pretend to want Casual Dating

It’s every shallow guy’s dream to date without exclusivity and without commitment. So, if you suggest you casual date without commitment, he’ll be sad or upset about it if his feelings for you are deep, real and committed. If he does not really care about sharing a life with you, he’ll gladly accept casual dating and the next day he’ll be with someone. If he’s really serious and emotionally mature he’ll take this opportunity to share his true feelings with you. Later on don’t tell him you lied but tell him you reflected on it and changed your mind. If he truly loves you, don’t let him suffer long, it’d be a mistake.

The ‘settling down’ scare

Another way to determine his true feelings is to mention, casually and lightly, that you want to settle down and maybe marry. If he’s serious about you he may have asked you this already; either way, if his feelings for you are deep and real he’ll light up the moment he hears those words from you. If his feelings are not real and indeed he’s only in it for the short-term, he’ll be scared by those words and

The last-resort trick

If you’re really at your wits-ends and you suspect he has the wondering eyes (or more), you can (as a last-resort) ask a stunning friend or relative of yours (one he does not know and has never seen before) to hit on him. Then, ask your friend or relative to report back. If he accepts the advances, or if he is too flirtatious (namely if he does not say outright that he’s involved with someone else), you are in dangerous waters. This is a last-resort trick only and he must never find out.

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