Perform your online tasks more promptly and efficiently with Internet Explorer 8 in Windows 7.

Internet Explorer had always faced a tough competition by other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and some more.

IE 8 in the latest Windows 7 has faster speed, enhanced security and increased performance.

The newly introduced features of IE 8, like accelerometers, instant search and web slices make it stand out ahead of others. Even if we compare it with its own previous versions, IE 8 is far better. There is privacy option which when enabled lets you explore the sites without saving any temporary internet files. You also do not have to worry about the browsing history that is saved in History folder. Quick tab enables you to view all opened website tabs under one Window.

IE8 helps users find the information faster. With new address bar, improved search tabs, privacy options and Favorites bar, IE 8 brings more information with less trouble. With remarkable improvements, IE 8 is a must-have for your computers and laptops. Get ready for never before web experience.

Windows 7 promises users with enriched gaming experience as the Microsoft’s newest operating system has several new features in its Games Explorer including fresh technical guidelines and requirements.

Taking in popular demand, Microsoft has included three most loved XP games – Internet Checkers, Internet Spades, and Internet Backgammon – in Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate editions. Game Explorer has also been redesigned for On Windows 7 which offers games updates, statistics, new feed, etc. It is redesigned with the purpose to satisfy both casual and hard-core gamers. latest windows 7 creates an easier game installation feature, 32bit and 64 bit platforms and Parental Controls are supported by it.

It also offers improved game updates notification for game titles. This allows more participation from the game developers with more game titles that pass the standard of technical requirements. These new requirements for the games for latest windows 7 will help the developers to have an advantage of Windows 7 feature which allows them to check the compatibility with Windows 7. When the game is installed on Windows LIVE 3.0 client on Windows 7, Games for Windows – LIVE is added to Game Providers in Games Explorer. All these newly included features will help to enhance the consumers experience through the games for Windows.

Microsoft hopes to change after the proclamation of a streamlined approval process for GFW-labelled games – the “Games for Windows Self Certification Site.” Many advertisements have been made regarding the various marketing benefits of bringing titles to the GFW label. As many as 22 popular game titles have been installed and launched to check which games run on Windows 7.

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